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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.   Implication for entrepreneurs.

Following conditions are applied on all deals between the company and a buyer at the time of placing an order. A buyer is any natural person who establishes an agreement for commerce purposes as well as independent professional activity.

2.   Formation of agreement, saving customer’s information.

Due to the following conditions the agreement is established via online store between a buyer and Anabel Arto USA, 2929 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064.
Availability and items presenting in our online store is not an obligatory legal agreement between the company and a buyer, but an invitation for our consumers to order purchasing items. If a buyer places an order of items he or she wants to purchase, a buyer agrees to the conditions of the agreement. During placing an order in our online store, the following rules are applied: a buyer agrees with the terms and conditions of the agreement and takes all the following steps of the order procedure. Before placing an order which obligates a customer to follow terms and conditions, a consumer can click the button BACK to check or change the order, return to the website, continue to the ordering process or close the web page to cancel an order. We instantly confirm receiving your order via automatically generated email (Order Confirmation). Thus we accept terms and conditions. Our company saves purchase agreement data via our online store and sends you information about an order and our terms and conditions via email. Your latest orders can be viewed in the customer’s account in My Orders.

3.  Repudiation of agreement

A buyer can repudiate the agreement within 14 days without any reasons or explanation. This term of 14 days begins since the date when a customer or the third party that represents a customer, beside from a postman, receives a purchasing order in hands. Being able to use personal right to repudiate the agreement a buyer needs to inform us using clear explanation (for example, via mail, fax or email) about a decision of repudiating the agreement and contact our company. If a buyer damages any items, he or she pays for the damaged purchasing items.

Consequences of agreement repudiation

In case of agreement repudiation our company returns back all the payments we receive from a customer, including delivery fee (excluding extra fees if a customer decides to use another shipping method from that one our company offers) within 14 days since agreement repudiation receiving. To return customer’s payment we use the same payment method as a buyer has used in a deal, in case, if another way of payment return hasn’t been agreed in advance. In this or other way, a customer does not pay extra charges. Our company keeps the rights not to return payments back until we receive all the items back or, until you prove that purchasing items are being delivered. A customer must send or deliver purchasing items not later than within 14  days since the agreement repudiation via the following address: Anabel Arto USA, 2929 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Terms are considered implemented, if a customer delivers purchasing items back within 14 days. A customer takes full responsibility for the cost of a purchase return.

Repudiation of agreement application

If you want to repudiate the agreement, please, fill in the following application:

Thus I would like to inform you about repudiation of purchase and sale agreement


Ordered (date)/received (date)


Name, Family name


Full address






4.  Prices, delivery fee, payment, repayment period

All prices include VAT.
If your order is $100 or more, you are qualified for free shipping. If your order is less than $100 the shipping fee is $4.95. The shipping fee to other countries may vary.
Payment Methods: AMEX, Visa, and Mastercard.

5.  Delivery

The purchasing items are sent within 1-3 working days since the payment receiving.

6.  Right of ownership reservation

We keep the right of ownership on purchasing items upon the full purchase payment.

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