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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

We retain and process your personal information due to the establishment of business relations, execution, compliance and termination of agreements based on the conditions of collaboration. We do this in accordance with the legal requirements. The Seller will not distribute customers' personal information to third parties unless it is required by law, or unless the client has given special permit. Data Protection Legislation is complied if it is necessary to include a third party to perform customer's ordered service. The information, provided by a customer, is processed only for contacts under the terms of agreement, and only for purposes which a customer has provided his or her personal information for. These payments are sent to the departments which are responsible for money transfer payment. If a customer requests, all the personal information will be deleted, corrected or blocked in accordance with the law.

A customer may get free information about his or her personal data. For any questions or requirements about removal, correcting or blocking of personal information, as well as, processing and using of personal data, the customer may contact:

Anabel Arto
2929 Motor Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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